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I’ve been doing this thing called Scrapbooking now for almost 15 years. This little thing called scrapbooking is more than a hobby for me, it truly is a way of life. I adore being able to document my life and my family lives.

Since I have found Project Life I have had not only had more success with my memory keeping albums but I am finding that I am document MORE meaningful moments, more everyday moments, and I’m enjoy memory keeping more than I ever have.

{Project Life – Photos}

It is my desire to help you find success in your memory keeping journey. I have created several Ultimate Guides to help you. The first Guide is my UltimateGuide – Everyday Photos


My goal today is to help you find a system that will work for you. Everyone is different so please feel free to take any of the advice I’m sharing with you today and tweak it to work for your life.

{A Few Project Life Family Album Photos}

I thought you would enjoy seeing a few of my layouts from our family album. Because I have kept this process so simple the last few years I have been able to say on top of all 4 albums I put together each year.

Project Life Family Layout

Project Life Family Layout

{Photo Tips To Help You In 2016}

I personal use my iPhone to take 100% of my everyday photos. This is because it makes my life simple. I always have my phone with me and my photos automatically show up on my computer.

I want to share with you 3 of my top tips to help you remain successful all year long!!!

  1. Keep the end mind: What do you want to have in these memory albums in 15 or 20 years. If you will take a moment and think about that it will begin to greatly effect the way you put your pages together.
  2. Stick to taking photos in one direction: This will make things easy on you. When you feel less stressed are able to more active with your album.
  3. Your pages don’t have to look like mine: There is no right way to put together Project Life albums. Just because I do something and you don’t doesn’t mean you are doing it wrong. Neve compare what you are doing to what someone else is doing. Comparison is the killer or joy!
  4. Something is better than nothing: Whatever you are able to get into an album is better than not doing anything at all.

{My Favorite Tips From Becky Higgins}

As I was getting this post ready I came across a blog post that Becky Higgins recently shares on how she has been successful with the Project Life App. You can view her amazing blog post HERE!

I thought I would share with you my favorite tips from Becky with you as well.

  1. Think ordinary. (Becky’s Tip #4)
  2. Is a week Sunday to Saturday? Or Monday to Sunday? Your choice. (Becky’s Tip #9)
  3. Set a personal goal for regular scrapbooking that you want to do. Make it a priority. (Becky’s Tip #10
  4. Quote your loved ones as often as you can. (Becky’s Tip #20)

I hope that you are excited to get started documenting your life with Project Life in 2016. I’m looking forward to diving in and document more meaningful moments in this next year!

Don’t forget to use #LifesBlessingsCaptured so that I can see you progress.


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