Craft Room Craziness!

Craft Room Craziness

Hello, Hello! I was planning on have a Project Life post for you today, however I had some craft room craziness happen yesterday, and I never got to creating.

I’ve been in the mood to create, and play with some new crafting items that recenty found a new home here in my office/craft room.

However when I get something in my head I can’t focus on anything but what is nagging at me. This is what happened to me today. I was really struggling with some things that were set up in my office and one thing let to another!

{Craft Room Craziness}

I love this space that I use to not only run my business out of but also to create and have fun in. It is a room that I spend 1/2 of my life in so I want everything to function and feel right to me.

Here are just a few pictures of how it ended up turning out. There are still several thing that I want to change but it is going to have wait for a few more months.

Now I have one long work space. At the very end of my this craft table where my computer use to be I will now be able to put together my Project Life Album. It will be nice for it to have its only space.


I moved one of my Ikea Carts over to this corner. Now my Family Project Life album can sit there when I’m not working on it. I can also place any items that need to go into our album right there.


This is my computer area now. This area is still not all put together. I have a few items that I need to put away and find a place for. However the best thing about this space now is have enough room to work.


I made a little space over by the door going outside. I never liked how everything was right up against the door. I felt like when it would open the rain and wind would blow in the winter.


The corner where I stamp, create and film is still working perfectly for me. I have not changed anything in that area for along time. It feels to great to have the room function how I need it to.

{Craft Room Must Haves}

  • ClosetMaid Cubes – I find mine at either Walmart or Lowes
  • Ikea Kitchen Cart – When I purchased these they were $49.99 now you can get them for $29.99
  • Wood Photo Paper – I find this on amazon. I use it for taking photos, shooting my videos and now for the table and walls.
  • Ikea Alex Drawers – I couldn’t live without these now. I love them.

I hope you have enjoyed seeing this update to my craft room. As I finish more in the room I will be sharing with you!

I will be back on Thursday with another crafting project for you! I hope your have a wonderful day. Signture

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