Project Life Family Album Update

Today I wanted to dive into all things Project Life. I have mentioned several times over the last few weeks that I was on Project Life overload, and struggling somewhat with our Family Project Life Album.

I have been taking 2 amazing workshops through Ali Edwards that have really inspired me. I’m feeling excited once again to document our everyday stories.

{Project Life Family Album Update}

I thought that I would share with you a few of the photos from our family album. I still haven’t completed my journaling, and there are a few embellishments I still want to add.

I am feeling so much better about my layouts. I feel like they are coming together nicely.

Week #1


Week #2


Week #3


Week #4


Week #6


Week #7


Week #8


I thought I would share with you a few things I’m changing, a few things I’m keeping the same, and a few things I’ve created to help me with Project Life going forward.


Weekly vs Monthly: Let’s just get this out of the way. I’m a weekly kind of girl. I’ve tried doing our family album by the month, and I’ve also tired not to care. I simply like the format that the weekly layout gives me.

It is also how my mind works. When I’m looking through photos, and printing them out I can recall which day of the week it happened on.

Below is a Project Life Design A graphic that show my basic layout each week.


Designer A: I started feeling like maybe Design A was too boring to use for my entire album. Every week, all year long.

However, I’ve decided that I like the foundation of Design A. This makes getting my photos in my album each week easy. I like being able to use other designs as an insert for special events.


One of things that I struggle with the most is getting my photos printed. I currently am using Snapfish to get all my photos printed. I have been using Snapfish for over 10 years.

The one option I really like that Snapfish offers is the ability to print my photos in a matte finish.

However, because Snapfish is online I have to upload photos, and then wait up to 2 weeks to get my photos back.

Weekly Printing: I’ve decided to start printing my photos weekly. I will be uploading the to snapfish, and then having them printed locally. 

Monthly Kit: I have decided to try out a monthly kit. I’m going to be trying out Ali Edwards Craft The Story Themed Monthly Kits. I am in need of some fresh embellishments. I think this will be the perfect way to build up a stash. 


These are the items that I will be using for our Family Album.

Weekly Circle Numbers

If you already receive email then you will have already received these amazing Weekly Circle Numbers for free in your inbox today. If you would like to receive any upcoming digital designs for free please join me HERE.

Otherwise, you are welcome to purchase this digital file for $2.00.


Once you use the Paypal button below you will receive a PDF in your email that will contain all 52 weeks along with 2 blank circles. Please note that it can take up to 24 hours for this email to show up.

The thing that I love about the Weekly Number circles is they coordinate with the 1 1/2 circle punch from Stampin’ Up. You can purchase it HERE.

If you place an order, and include the punch on your order you will receive this PDF for FREE. 

I’m excited finally be working on our Project Life Family Album again, and I’ve enjoyed sharing with you my progress!

I hope you have a fantastic weekend!


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