Project Life By Stampin’ Up Hello Lovely Kit

Project Life By Stampin' Up Hello Lovely Kit

On Friday I shared with you my One Little Word Mini Album that I am creating as I am taking the year long workshop with Ali Edwards. Over the last few months I have tried several different ways to document this workshop.

None of them have worked for me.

I’ve finally caved in, and started a Mini Album which is what Ali Edwards is using this year, and most people I’m finding are using either an 8 1/2 x 11,  8×8 or 6×8 album.

You can check out Ali Edwards One Little Word workshop HERE. You can still join, you don’t have to wait until the beginning of the year. I’ve enjoyed this workshop more than I ever thought I would.


{Project Life By Stampin’ Up Hello Lovely Kit}

This is the start of the album. Here in the very beginning I am following Ali Edwards layout, it seemed like it was easier to follow the layout as I was getting use to what I was going to document, and how I wanted to do it.

One Little Word Mini Album

Back in January when I first started this workshop I tried documenting my progress by using the Becky Higgins App. You can check out my first post HERE.

I’ve found that I simply can’t do “Digital”. It just doesn’t work for me! 

Because I’ve realized this, and I decided to go ahead and create a 6×8 album. I’ve gone back, and watched each month content again as I’ve transferred everything into this album.

One Little Word Mini Album

Here are a few pictures of the pages I’ve put together. Each month there is a different idea, or project to work for the month. I’ve not completed every project, but I have added something for each month.




I also have not completed any of my journaling. I wanted to take photos first before I did most of my journaling. I’m using this album as journal. To document the workshop, and my progress through-out the year.




This was a really simple month, the activity was really easy. I only ended up having the one insert for this month.

February One Little Word


In the month of March our activity was create a vision board using our one word. I didn’t get around to do this activity, and plan on going back to create this when I can. Life in March was simply too crazy to engage in the class content.


I’ve also used some old Project Life cards I had from a Becky Higgins classes I took several years ago, they were exclusive cards that I never had a chance to use. They fit perfectly into this year.


All the photos until this point have been black and white. I may still reprint this photo of my husband, and I in black, and white. I haven’t decided yet.


April is the first month that I use a color photo of myself.


April had one of my favorite activities so far this year, I have a lot of journaling to transfer over to these new cards. I know it won’t take very long to get it done. I just need to sit down, and get it done.




May doesn’t have anything yet because I have to print photos for the activity we did this month. I will also need to get more page protectors. However this is the very end of April, which also starts May.

End Of April

I haven’t worked on June yet, and I am still adding embellishments, and transferring all of my items into this small album.

I decided to use the new Project Life by Stampin’ Up! Hello Lovely Kit to complete these layouts. You can purchase any of these items in my Online Store HERE, or by clicking on the photos below.

Supply List

I’m much happier with this project in the small album. I’ve worked on getting most everything from the last few months into this smaller album this weekend, and I will now be able to keep up with workshop using this smaller version.

I will share more with you over the next few months. I would love to know if you are taking any of Ali Classes. Leave me a comment below, and let me know.



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