My Current Planner Set Up

I have been receiving many requests to share a current look at my planner set up. I’ve been using the Erin Condren Life Planner for the last 4 years, and I am still loving it.

I made the change from the Vertical layout, to the Hourly layout last May.

I’ve always liked the vertical layout in a planner, and moving to the hourly layout has been amazing. I’ve tried several different ways to set up my weekly spreads, and have finally settled on a set up.

{My Current Planner Set Up}

Over the last 12 months I have tried out several different ways to set up my weekly, and monthly layout.

Most of them didn’t work because either it was too much work, or it didn’t look “good” to me.

Here are a few of layouts from pages that just were not working for me.

In Septemer I tried a Monthly Kit. I did like the look of it, however it felt like a waste of time to put this layout together. Also, I didn’t want to spend money on the monthly kit.

I decided to focus more on weekly kits. This is a kit a that was free. I printed it out, cut all the items out, and then used it.

I tried this doing this through December. Figuring out how to make this kind of layout work for me was difficult.

After figuring out what I liked, and didn’t like about the above layouts I settled on some simple changes.

  • I moved all of our budgeting items out of my planner.
  • I stopped using “weekly kits”
  • Keeping my weekly layout consistent

I am using stickers that I have created, then I cut these out by hand. These stickers are more functional than decorative.

I have hopes of one day being able to use a die cut machine to cut stickers, and sell them to Stampin’ UP! demonstrators.

This is how I set up my Monthly Layout. Much more simple, and clean looking.

This is how I set up my Weekly Layout. This is a full week that is complete.

I now set my weeks up ahead of time. This is how it looks when there is nothing written down.

I hope you have enjoyed seeing how I am currently using my planner. If you are interested in getting an Erin Condren Planner you can get a $10.00 discount by using my referral code HERE.

Please let me know if you are using a planner, and what is working for you.

One of my favorite kinds of videos on YouTube to watch are Plan With Me.

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  1. I use the Erin Condren Neutral Horizontal planner. This is my first one and I love it!! I also bought a couple of kits and I found I was just wasting my time and money using them. I use my planner as a journal of a little snip it of my life each day. It also helps me in my Project Life I can go back and see what happened on that day. Thanks for sharing your planner and love your homemade stickers.


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