Erin Condren New Planners Review & Set Up

I’ve been a huge Erin Condren Life Planner fan for many years now.

It all started when I wanted to find a planner that had a Vertical Layout, and would be the same from year to year.

After I purchased my first planner from Erin Condren I was hooked.

Year, after year I’m over joyed when May rolls around and I can finally purchase the new planner for the year.

This year I wanted to share with you the two planners, and the accessories I purchased.

{Erin Condren New Planners Review & Set Up}

I use one planner for all my “Life Things” which includes stuff with the family, the kids school, work related appointments.

The second planner I use is a Content Planner that I use for work.

I thought I would share with you how I use my these planners, and how they help me keep everything Straight!

{Everyday Life Planner}

Here is the monthly layout for my regular, everyday life planner.

Here is the Weekly Layouts. I set these foundation pages up a few months in advance so I’m not having to take the time every week, or month to do so.

Here is an up coming week in July for the new planner, and how I have set it up. It also has a Weekly Master To Do list clipped into the middle of the week.

{Content Life Planner}

Using a Erin Condren Life Planner as a content planner is a new adventure for me this year.

This has been working out really well for me, and I feel like I have settled into a nice grove with it.

I use the monthly layout as an overview for my website, and youtube planning.

Here is what the weekly layout looks like. I track 3 different areas in the weekly layout. My Business, My Team, and My membership group.

{Erin Condren Planner Supplies}

These are my favorite things to purchase from Erin Condren. If you are shopping with Erin Condren for the first time you can use my referral code and get $10 off your first purchase.

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  • Erin Condren Life Planner / Hourly – I’ve always got a vertical layout when has come to ordering a planner through Erin Condren, I only started getting the hour so that I would have lines to be able to write on. I wish the hourly mark was an option.
  • Erin Condren Life Planner / Vertical – I also always get the Natural Set up because I don’t like there to be any kind of shading anywhere in my planner!
  • Teacher Sticker Book – These work great if you have kids in school, but there several stickers that I won’t be able to use because they are meant for teachers. (i.e Grade Papers, Exam, etc)
  • Current Sticker Book – I love these sticker books and always get the newest edition each year.
  • Markers – These are the dual tip markers and I have all of the sets except the bold. Please note that when you purchase them in the sets there are some sets that have same marker in them.
  • Coil Clip – These are a must have and I use them for so many different things. I always have all the sizes on hand.
  • Sticker Pages – I picked up the colorful sticker sheets that would come in a colorful planner simply because I thought they were beautiful!
  • Covers – I can’t get enough of these! I normally wait until Erin Condren does a Buy One Get One Free sale and then I purchase around 4 or 5 of them.

{Amazon Planner Supplies}

These are items that I purchase from Amazon and use in my planner daily. Please note that affiliate links are used whenever possible. I appreciate you supporting my business by using these links when you can.

  • Planner Basket – The only thing I don’t love about this basket it tends to tip over if I have it overloaded.
  • Mildliners – The best highlighters EVER! You can also find these highlighters in Target.
  • White Out – Always nice to have on hand.
  • Tul Pens – My favorite pens to write in my planners with. I get these Amazon because I like the .05 tip and you can only find the .07 tip in stores.
  • Small Pen Case – This is a great value for 6 different case that have different sizes. I use these for everything!

I hope you have enjoyed seeing my Planners and how I use them. If you are interested in me doing a video showing everything set up for the new year please let me know.

I will be back later this week with more crafty projects!

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