Quick & Cute Teacher Gifts

One of the things I love to do is create a Welcome Back To School gift for the teachers.

You can check out last years gifts HERE!

This year Kayla headed to Jr. High, and that left Andrew & Violet in elementary school.

I did gifts for both of their teachers, the office staff, the Principal, and of course our favorite teacher of all time Mr Peterson.

These Sunshine & Lemon boxes where super simple to put together, and with an added touch of Lemon shaped cookies these were perfect.

Quick & Cute Teacher Gifts

This year I wasn’t sure what would be okay, or if teacher, and stuff would be okay receiving gifts.

I also wasn’t sure what to put together since normal my baskets are full of items they can use in the classroom.

I reached out to our school, the stuff, and teachers to make sure they were ok receiving items.

We are so lucky to be in a small school, and to have such a wonderful school community.

Quick & Cute Teacher Gifts

At this point with are doing full time distant learning for both Kayla’s school, and our elementary school.

While it has been a smooth start all things considers, it has also been difficult and the kids want to go back to school so badly.

Violet is 5th grade this year. We are lucky to have a wonderful Special Education teacher that works with Violet, and helps her through some of the struggles she faces due to her Autism.

Quick & Cute Teacher Gifts

Andrew is in 3rd grade this year and we are blessed to have Ms Neville once again.

Ms Neville was Kayla’s 3rd grade teacher and I had the best time helping in her class every Friday Morning for Art.

Quick & Cute Teacher Gifts

I greatly miss our school community, and being involved on campus. It is not the same not seeing, and hearing all the kids each week.

I’m staying involved by being the classroom zoom moderator, I’m on the school site council, and we stop by the school campus once a week to pick up school items.

How is this school year going for you? Let me know in the comments below.

Hugs to all the Moms and Dads out there doing the best to make this work, and get their kids through this.

You can pick any of the supplies I used including the Simple Citrus Kit in my online store HERE, or by clicking on the photos.

I will be back tomorrow to share with one of my favorite Fall DIY projects I have ever done!

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  1. In the video for September 3, you said you would link to the yellow collapsible baskets on Amazon, but I cannot find that link. Can you please send me that link? Thank you.


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