How To Create A Sour Cream Container

Helloooooo !!!!!! I feels so good to be sharing with you again this week.

Last week I wasn’t around much, and honestly we are just in yet another transition period.

Andrew, and Violet have headed back to school 4 days a week for 1/2 days. Which is amazing, and we are so thankful.

In November it will change again, but for now we are just excited about things feeling like they are getting close to be back to normal.

I have been able to work so much more this week, and I am reminded that the reason things have been hard is because of the school issues we have been having.

Even though I work from home and you would think that it not such a big deal for the kids being home for distant learning it is still hard because the I can’t do both at the same time.

How To Create A Sour Cream Container

I saw this online a few weeks ago thought it was so funny, and sort of true!

While it has been hard, and there have been so many tears, and so many days I was sure we were not going to make it through all the things I’m incredibly thankful.

I’m thankful that I’m able to work from home, and figure things out. I’m thankful we are all healthy, and even for the most party happy.

Today I wanted to jump on Facebook and share with you a quick update on how life is going, and then a quick project for the 8 Weeks of Halloween.

I love these little Sour Cream Containers, they are so simple to put together.

You can do these with any of designer paper, and any size.

Don’t forget that this month our Designer Paper is on sale for 15% off which means it a great times to stock up.

How To Create A Sour Cream Container

You can purchase any of the supplies I used in today’s project in my online store HERE, or by clicking on the photos below.

How To Create A Sour Cream Container

Use this months host code N994PV3Y to receive my free gift to you.

I will be going live on my Facebook Business HERE each day for the rest of the week so I can get caught up on our 8 Weeks of Halloween Projects.

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