Studio Organization – Part 1

Today I’m going to start sharing some of the spaces in my craft room studio / office where I keep different items.

Back in April of this year I did a huge Craft Room / Studio re-do.

I wanted to completely re-organize all of the furniture placement to utilize more of the space of the room.

I also took the time to go through every single container and purge anything that I wasn’t truly using.

Another goal I had was to add a lot of storage in this space so that there was a specific area for each of my items.

Today I’m going to start with sharing where, and how I organize my Pretty Packaging items.

I am always stocking up on items that I can put gifts in, and package items in.

These fabric square contains hold a lot, and I am able to place like items in each one.

Studio Organization - Part 1

In this cube organizer the bottom 4 cubes all have Pretty Packaging items.

The top two have decorative items, and on the very top I have some space to organize different things that I need to leave out each month.

Organization Items I Used:

These are the items I’ve used on the bottom 4 squares.

Studio Organization - Part 1

Item On Top Of The Cubes:

When I was first planning this space directly in between the bookshelf, and small Kallax Unit I wasn’t going to put anything here.

However, I had one ClosetMaid Organizer left over and placed in the space. It worked perfectly for this extra storage.

However, I needed a little it of space on top of the Cube Organizer for things that would accumulate during the course of the month.

There are several items on top of the ClosetMaid Cube Organizer.

  • Shelf Board – This is something we already had on hand but these are so inexpensive. I spray painted it black.
  • Clear Organizer – I use this for all my club items that come in through out the month.

I wanted to put together something that would hold some supplies for items for up coming projects such as Week In The Life, or December Daily.

I found a few simple items on amazon that worked perfectly.

Studio Organization - Part 1
  • Wire Basket – This is meant to hang on the wall, and is large enough to hold 12×12 paper.
  • Small Clear Organizers – I love the size of these containers, and that they come in a pack of 6.
  • Wood Tray – This is where everything lives.

One of the tips I have for you when it comes to stocking up on these pretty packaging items is to make sure you check out the Stampin Up Clearance Rack.

I hope you enjoyed seeing this part of my Craft Room Studio, and I look forward to sharing other spaces in my room.

Stop by next Saturday to see another small area in my studio.

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