Craft Room Organization – Stampin Up Storage

Today I am happy to be back here sharing with you another space in my craft room studio.

In today’s video I want to share with you what is directly behind my island where I sit to create, and film.

I’m going to sharing with you the top half of the full wall of organization.

I will share the bottom ClosetMaid Cubes in another video. Today I want to focus on how I organized my Stamp Sets, and Markers.

At the very beginning of the Organization Unit I have these Mini ClosetMaid Cubes, as far as I know you can’t get these anywhere anymore.

I’ve searched hi & low for them and have never been able to get find them.

There are 3 of these stacked together to create my storage for my Stamp Sets, and a few other items

The blue basket that you see through out these shelves I found at TJ Max,. They came in a set of six, and purchased every set they had.

I also have a few Rae Dunn items such as the Brushes container, and blessed container.

Craft Room Organization - Stampin Up Storage

Next to the mini cubes is a shelf my husband built many years ago. there was not a lot craft room storage available back then.

You can watch a video HERE where my husband explains how it put it together. What supplies he used, and where he got the items.

Craft Room Organization - Stampin Up Storage

Over the years the things I’ve stored on this shelf has changed, along with the storage items I’ve used.

Above this shelf is where all of my Ink Pads in the Stampin Up Storage units.

Craft Room Organization - Stampin Up Storage

In the beginning I wanted my ink pads on my desk, however there just wasn’t enough room.

They fit perfectly right behind me, and I don’t mind have to turn around to reach them.

You can purchase any of the Stampin Up Storage in my online store HERE, or click the photos below.

Craft Room Organization - Stampin Up Storage

I’m enjoying sharing with you different spaces in my studio/office.

You can check out my 12×12 Paper Storage HERE if you missed it last week.

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