DIY Card Organization

Today I wanted share with you how I have organized all the cards that I create.

This is a system that I have had in place for sometime. You can check my original blog post HERE from a few years ago.

After updating my studio this year I wanted to update the look the container, and I also need to do a little bit of purging, and organizing of all of my cards.

DIY Card Organization

There are two major ways I’m organizing my cards. The first is in this large bin that has two sides.

You can all of this supplies in my supply list below.

I have a section for each of the categories of cards I use the most.

DIY Card Organization

Here is a quick video of me going through the cards, purging what I didn’t want to keep, and organizing them into the containers.

I also use a smaller container to organize card by the month.

At the beginning of the year I go through all my cards and pull Birthday, and Anniversary cards for the entire year for all my people.

I then organize them in this smaller container.

At the beginning of the month I simple pull out all of the cards for that month, write out message, and then get them sent out.

DIY Card Organization

These two containers that I have been using for a few years are perfect.

I have purchased them on amazon, I’ve added the links below if you would like to pick these up.

Card Organization Items:

If you are picking up the BINO Containers make sure you pick up the SMALL for this project.

I have these containers in several sizes and low them in my studio.

Studio Organization:

I have been sharing different areas in my Craft Studio over the last few weeks! You can check out a few of these space below.

Next I will be sharing my Project Life, and Memory Keeping Organization!

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