My December Daily 2020 Project

I look forward to this project every single year! It is something that I look forward to, and love putting together.

December Daily is a simple project of picking 25 stories through out the month and documenting them.

My December Daily 2020 Project

This year I am using the Holly Jolly Products from Simple Stories.

I find that I always end up with too much product for December Daily, and this year is no exception.

The Holly Jolly Collection just gave me all the feels for Christmas.

My December Daily 2020 Project

I was feeling a little nervous as I hit day 13 of December, and still hadn’t even started this project.

Typically I like keep up on this project by finishing at least one story each day. This way I know that the project is done by the end of December.

This year I just had a hard time getting started, and I feel like with so many of our Christmas plans canceled would it be worth putting this album together?

My December Daily 2020 Project

I’m so glad that I spent a few days this week working on getting the project going.

Now I’m totally feeling it!

The best thing has been looking harder for those simple stories to tell. Not everything has to be grand to be worth sharing.

In fact I feel like we all have these small, simple stores that we tend to over look every single day.

My December Daily 2020 Project

My album will a mix of our big Christmas stories such as getting our tree, and all the decorations around the house, sprinkled with smaller stories such as the weather.

There are some stories that I just know are easy to tell from year to year.

Sometimes there are pages from year to year that are somewhat the same, and the stories are familiar.

My December Daily 2020 Project

Then there are stories that are special, and unique to that year.

This year we have several stories that will be unique to the craziness of 2020.

Whatever the stories I tell during this month I know I will look back on in years to come and relish in each of them.

My December Daily 2020 Project

I also know that this year I will spend a little extra time putting together some pages that are just for decoration, and honestly just fun to create.

Currently I have stories, and pages done for days one through eight.

Along with the Holly Jolly Simple Stories Collection I am using some of my core products from Stampin Up.

I would love for you to check Life Simple Documented where I host my Memory Keeping Membership group.

We focus on finding ways to create simple systems to keep up with all of your memory keeping projects.

Once I put together a few more pages I will be sharing them. Let me know if you are putting together a December Daily album this year.

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