New Craft Room Shelf – Part 1

Yesterday we started the new shelf for my craft room. The current shelf my husband build over 10 years ago when I was crafting at an 8 foot table.

Over the years my craft spaces has changed from several different rooms, along with several different set ups.

The one thing that always remained in my space was the shelf my husband built.

New Craft Room Shelf - Part 1

When the shelf was first design it all of the cubes were designed to fit items that I don’t use any more such as a cricut cartridges.

I wanted an updated shelf that fit more of the items that I’m currently using.

I was excited to help with the new shelf. It was important for certain organizational pieces to fit on the shelf so I wanted to make sure we took our time and measured twice, so we only had to cut once.

There were moments I had a little bit of time so I decided to doing a few crafty projects I’ve put off now for awhile.

I’ve had this tin tin for years, and it was decorated to match my old decor.

New Craft Room Shelf - Part 1

Here is how it looks once I updated it. The patterned paper is from the up coming catalog.

New Craft Room Shelf - Part 1

I also added a little bit of designer paper to another tin I had on hand. In this smaller tin I have all of my shimmery paints.

The stamps I used are from Reverse Confetti are faith based.

Craft Room Tin

It helped me to focus on doing this minor crafty projects while my office is in chaos.

I know that once it is all done I will love it but I struggle a great deal when things are crazy all around me.

New Craft Room Shelf - Part 1

Finishing Up This Project:

I’m excited for us to finish up building the shelf so I can begin painting it. I will be back next Saturday to share part two of finishing up this project.

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