2021 Annual Catalog Mini Retreat

I’m always excited when a new catalog comes out, and it is always fun seeing all the new products and begin dreaming of the fun things I want to create.

However, sometimes its overwhelming and I don’t know where to start.

I knew if I felt this way chances are that many of you might be feeling the same way. So I decided to do a mini retreat box with each catalog.

2021 Annual Catalog Mini Retreat

In the video below you can check out some of the cards that will be included in the mini retreat box, along with all the product you will receive.

When you sign up below you can pick some add on product.

I would love for you to sign up for the Mini Retreat Box and join me in creating these super fun cards, and projects.

When you purchase the mini retreat box you will receive exclusive videos and an exclusive PDF that will go along with your projects.

If you have any questions regarding the Mini Retreat Box please let me know.

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