Organizing My Washi Tape Collection

Today I want to share how I keep my washi tape organized.

Washi tape is something that I use a few times a year mainly in my planner.

This year I needed to go through all my washi and purge some older sets, and then add some new ones to my collection.

Organizing My Washi Tape Collection

I keep all my washi tape in a container I got from Ikea that fit perfectly on my Kallax unit.

These are called Kuggis and they come in a few different sizes, and even different colors.

Ikea Kuggis Boxes

In this video I shared how I purged some of my washi, along with several new sets I purchased.

I’ve been using these washi tapes over the last few weeks to set up my planners. In July I plan on sharing how I set up my planners.

My Planner set up, and how I use my planners are not really craft room organization, however using planners for my life, and content is for sure organization.

Organizing My Washi Tape Collection

I purchased several new sets of Washi on Etsy. I have found that is the best place for really beautiful washi. Below I have listed the Etsy stores that I love.

Both of these place were amazing, great customer services, and fast shipping. These shops are also located in the US which makes getting these in the mail a lot faster.

I hope you enjoyed seeing my washi tape collection and hearing me chat about what I use it for, and how I use it.

In the month of July I plan on sharing how I use this washi tape in my Life Planner, and content planner. Once you see that set up it will make more sense why I hang on to so much washi tape.

I will be back next week with new projects for you so make sure you stop by.

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