Memory Keeping Album Spines Tutorial

I’ve been creating yearly family scrapbook albums since 2006. You can see my wall of albums below.

I love these albums and now for a few years I have been wanting to update the spine labels. I had created a set of labels that just were not working anymore.

This is one of those scrapbooking / memory keeping questions I get asked all the time so I thought I would put together a tutorial.

Memory Keeping Album Spines Tutorial

Creating labels for your albums is easier than you might you think. In my video below I walk you through the entire process from start to finish.

In this tutorial I will walk you through creating these labels from start to finish.

I’m using pages on my iMac, however you can use any word processing program you have. Most of them are pretty much the same.

After I created the labels on the computer I printed them out, and then cut them apart to add to my albums.

You will want to create a few years ahead so that you have them on hand.

Make sure to save the document to be able to edit, or create more without having start from the beginning.

Memory Keeping Album Spines Tutorial

I’ve found the best place to get albums is HERE. This year I have switched back to the Mint Color Albums because they are easier to find.

Each of the kids have their own color album. Kayla’s albums are Pink, Violet’s Album are Lime Green, and Andrew’s Albums are Black.

Any of the items I used from Stampin Up can be found in my online store HERE, or by clicking on the photos below.

I love the way these came out. One of the best thing about do your labels this way is you get to customer what information you include, and what font you use.

If you are wondering about the fonts I used I will list them here.

Font’s Used:

Memory Keeping Album Spines Tutorial

This week I’m putting together customer packages! These will contain ordering special from January & February.

I love treating sending out customer goodies! If you have order from me in the last two months watch your mail box for some crafty goodies.

This month I have several fun ordering special!

Sale-A-Brations is almost over so make sure you get your orders in!

Last, but not least if you have been waiting for the February Online Class it is finally designed.

I will be posting all the details for this project on Sunday.

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