Project Life Family Album 2021

Today I wanted to share a walk through of last years Project Life family Album for 2021. I have finally finished all of the journaling, and layouts that I wanted to do, and I’m ready to put it up on the shelf.

My Project Life Family is by far my favorite memory keeping project I do each year.

I have been doing a Yearly Memory Keeping project since 2006 before I had children, but right after we got married. Before that I have one album that holds a few traditional layouts I created.

Title Page: Celebrating This Story

Each year I create two title pages. One goes at the beginning of the year, and one goes at the beginning of July in the second album for the year.

I’ve never been able to fit one full year into one album and I’m okay with that. I would rather document what I want to document than worry about fitting things into one album.

I will have all the products I used linked at the end of the blog post for you.

Project Life Family Album 2021


For each month I like to use a different a different theme. This way I don’t get board with my product, and I can use more of it.

I will pick out a set of pattern paper, or a core kit from my stash. I like to mix this product with my current Ali Edward kits that I receive monthly.

For January I used the Jade Core Kit, along with Jade Patten Paper from a million years ago.

I wish that Becky Higgins (or someone in the crafty world) would create a few yearly core kits that coordinated with patten paper again. It was amazing when we could get products like that.

Project Life Family Album 2021


I used my all time favorite core kit and matching patten paper for February. The Clementine Core kit was the first core kit I ever purchased, and I simple love it.

I have 2 of the retired core kit, and I was able to find a pack of the pattern paper.

Project Life Family Album 2021

Here are one of the stories I highlighted in the month of February. The Rain!

Whenever I am adding larger photos to my album I edit them, and get them printed through the Project Life App.

Project Life Family Album 2021

Stories Of Home

Every year now for the last 9 or 10 years I have done a “Stories Of Home” layout, or spread in each Family Album. I’ve always loved the idea of seeing how our lives, and home evolve over time.

What better way to document that than in our yearly family album?

Project Life Family Album 2021

For last year was one of my favorite layouts for Stores Of Home. I took a picture of each room, and then created a flip up where I had several other photos, and the story of that that room.

I used my favorite stamp set of all times for the camera, and then colored them with my Stampin Up Writer Makers.

Project Life Family Album 2021


I used a set of pattern paper from my collection. I loved how bright and fun April turned out.

Project Life Family Album 2021


Project Life Family Album 2021

Traditional Scrapbooking Layouts

Project Life Family Album 2021


Project Life Family Album 2021

My Second Album for 2021

I’ve never been able to get one year into one album. For a moment I had hoped when I changed to monthly documenting that one year would fit in one album.

I quickly realized that wasn’t going to happen. I like to documented what I like to documented and so I don’t let album size determine how much I will or will not document.

Project Life Family Album 2021

One of my favorite things about Project Life Albums is the way you can stack together different size page protectors.

Therefore allowing me to add traditional pages, smaller pocketed pages, large photos, and so on.

Painting the house is perfect example of larger traditional layouts being paired with smaller pocketed pages.

Project Life Family Album 2021

Last year I found the joy of doing traditional layouts once again. Scrapbooking has always, and will always be my first love.

I love playing with pattern paper, and adding photos. I’m so happy to be getting back into this kind of documenting once again.

Project Life Family Album 2021


I always love once August hits. The kids go back to school and we get back into somewhat of a routine.

Project Life Family Album 2021


This might be my favorite in this second album. October is the start of all things holiday around here.

I love the paper, and kits from Ali Edwards this month. These pages turned out beautiful.


As I start in on Holiday Documenting projects things in our family start getting a little less.

For November you will see I used the Project Life to help with a few stories I wanted to Highlight.

Project Life Family Album 2021

Here is a traditional layout of one of my things to do each fall which is watch Curious George Boo Fest.

Andrew and I watched this movie in October but the layout didn’t fit very well into October so instead I just stuck it in November.

The trust is no one is going to care where the layout is. These albums don’t have to be perfect. They just need to be done.

Project Life Family Album 2021

Another page I used the Project Life App for is the Thanksgiving Day Parade.

We recently started watching this with the kids each year and I loved grabbing this photos online and create a simple page.

Project Life Family Album 2021


Each year in December I create a December Daily Album. Because of this my December memories in our family album are a little bit smaller.

I loved using this large photo featuring a lot of snow that came in during a big storm.

Project Life Family Album 2021

The next few pages are several Traditional Layouts that I put together. The first one is featured in one of my online class.

Project Life Family Album 2021

How much do you love these stitched snowflakes? They are simply beautiful.

I used the large snowman, and Christmas tree from a Paper Pumpkin kit I had. When I first saw them I knew that I wanted them on a layout in my album.

Project Life Family Album 2021

To wrap up my Family Album for the year I did this really cool Christmas Count Down. I can not remember where I purchased these Digital Card from.

I had seen them online and snagged them, then used the Project Life to document something each day counting down to Christmas.

It was a great way to wrap up the month, and wrap up our Family Album for last year.

Project Life Family Album 2021

I love our family albums, and I’m so thankful that I have taken the time to put them together.

In all honestly it doesn’t take that long each month to put these together. I find the hardest thing for me is getting my photos printed.

I’m sure currently looking into some options for at home printing to make it easier.

Other Products that I Use:

Scrapbooking Albums – I was using the Aqua color albums, but recently switched to the Mint

Ali Edwards Kits – I the following kits from Ali Each Month – Just Write, Stories By The Month, Story Stamp, and Story Kit.

Project Life App – I use this App so much. It is a great tool to have.

Amazon Online Crafty Story Front – I have several items that I love listed there.

I hope you enjoyed seeing my Family Project Life Album. Next week I will be sharing another set of projects with Pip Todman, along with another memory keeping project.

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