Project Life Family Album 2022

Last week I shared with you what my 2021 Project Life Family Album look in this POST! Today I want to share with you how this years album is coming along.

Now that I am finished with my 2021 Album I can start working on all the details for this years album.

Project Life Family Album 2022

One thing I never worry about is “getting behind” in my Project Life Album.

I know that I have a solid system that has worked for me for years. Once I am able to spend a little time in my album it all comes together pretty quickly.

Several years ago I switched from putting my album together using the weekly method, to the monthly method. I love both methods of putting together a yearly album, however in recent years working monthly has been amazing.

Each month I use 2 Project Life Design A Page Protects as my starting point. Then through out the month I highlighted several stories.

January 2022

Project Life Family Album 2022

At the beginning of this year album my page protects look a little bit different because of my title page.

One of my favorite things each year to put together is the title page for the start of my album.

We always have amazing Sunsets in the month of January. The last few years this has been a story I have highlighted.

You will notice throughout my album that I enjoy adding large photos. Most of the time these photos end up 9×12.

Project Life Family Album 2022

Traditional Scrapbooking is where I got started with my love for Paper Crafting!

The last few years I have found myself being drawn back to making these kinds of layouts. As the kids have gotten older and it feels like I have a little bit more time I have worked these layouts back into my memory keeping efforts.

These two Simply Layered Pages were create to go by each to create a double sided 12×12 layout.

However when I went put them in my album it worked better to break them up and put them back to back.

Project Life Family Album 2022

The first layout is of Kayla and some things she got do for her birthday.

The second layout I ended up using a few extra photos of myself that I had. I don’t normally do layouts of just myself but I did like the way this one turned out.

Project Life Family Album 2022

February 2022

Project Life Family Album 2022

I love my patten paper and I want to be able to use it in my Project Life Albums. For February I used some of the Patten Paper from Stampin Up.

I’m always excited to see how easily my Stampin Up products work with other companies crafting products.

March 2022

Project Life Family Album 2022

For this years album each month you will see some of same types of cards. These cards come from Ali Edwards Stories By The Month Kit.

My title card, and several of my 3×4 cards are the same each month. I enjoy having some elements that repeat through my entire album. It helps to tie it all together.

April 2022

Project Life Family Album 2022

April has a few extra items that are already mostly finished because I was working through some of those items with my Life Simply Documented Membership group.

Stories Of Home

I’ve done Stories Of Home in every single Family album now for the last 8 to 10 years.

I love the idea of see how your home, your personal space evolves over time. So many times I’ve wished I had photos of my bedroom growing up and how it evolved over the years.

Project Life Family Album 2022

This year I created two die cuts. The first one is the house with our last name on it, the second die cut say “In This House We”.

I loved how this turned out this year, it was very different than I’ve done in the past and it was nice gathering these stories for this layout.

May 2022

It is nice to be able to bounce back and forth between using Project Life Style Cards, and using Patten Paper. In the month of May I use both.

My goal is to use the products that I have. I don’t want to wait until I have the perfect moment to use any of the supplies I have ended up gathering over the last 15 years.

As much as I love purchasing new product I also love diving into my the items I already have using these things up.

Project Life Family Album 2022

The new Stampin Up Memory and More Cards are simply beautiful, and I love them. I’ve already ordered several sets.

My favorite thing about these card is the color combos, and the everyday sentiments.

Stampin Up Memories and more cards

You can purchase any of the Stampin Up product I used in today’s project HERE in my online store or by clicking on the photos below.

I’m in my studio all weekend this weekend getting ready for my up coming Paper Party Retreat with Pip from Uk.

I will be back next week with new projects for you! Let me know in the comments what crafty projects you are working on.

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