Cleaning & Organizing My Alex Drawers

This last week I was able to get my office cleaned up. Over the last few weeks I have had a lot of packagings being put together, and shipped out.

It feels good to have everything in the mail, and most of the room cleaned up.

Today I needed to clean up the drawers I use at my crafting desk. These tend to get messed, and un-organize quickly when crafting so much.

Cleaning & Organizing My Alex Drawers

I always enjoy seeing how others keep all their supplies organized. These Alex Drawers can be hard to find organization components for.

There are several tips I share for keeping these drawers cleaned up, and together.

Both sides of my desk contain items that I use on most crafting projects.

Whenever I am organizing any items in my craft room I like to think about how I use them.

If I use them alot, therefore needing to access them all the time I want that process to be easy. The easier it is to access my items, the more I will use them.

Side #1 – Main Tools

I have a lot of clear blocks, mostly because when filming it is easier, and quicker to have several blocks in use.

It is is quicker than changing your stamps out. When cleaning the blocks I use warm, soapy water, and a soft cloth.

Cleaning & Organizing My Alex Drawers

Next is my adhesive drawer which is always well stocked. I keep backstock adhesive behind me in my cubes.

Sometimes I tend to be a little bit of a freak when it stocking my adhesive. I hate to run out.

Cleaning & Organizing My Alex Drawers

The Coloring Drawer looks like it a mess, however everything fits pretty perfectly.

My blending brush just hang out right there towards the top of the drawer, they are easy for me to access.

Cleaning & Organizing My Alex Drawers

I missed taking a photo of my Embossing Drawer. It hold all of my embossing powders.

The very bottom drawer holds all my reinkers, spritzers, and back up blend makers.

I loved the Stampin Up Full Cases, and I am sad they are retired.

Cleaning & Organizing My Alex Drawers

Side #2 – All The fun Extras

I use to hang my trimmer on the edge of my desk, but recently I moved it to a drawer and I couldn’t be happier.

It works out much better for it to be tucked away unless I’m using it.

Cleaning & Organizing My Alex Drawers

My Embellishment Drawer holds mostly sequins. Sequins are my favorite item to add to a card.

However, there are several sets of other embellishments, mostly that have retired from Stampin Up.

Cleaning & Organizing My Alex Drawers

My Ribbon Drawer contains lots of Stampin Up Ribbon that is retired.

I like to keep ribbon if we still have the color in our line up. Once the color retired, I will get rid of the ribbon.

Cleaning & Organizing My Alex Drawers

I recently moved all of my Nuvo Drops to this drawer. I wasn’t using them when they were stored behind me.

There are several bottles of Stickles that I have had for ten plus years. They still work great.

Cleaning & Organizing My Alex Drawers

The bottom drawer is a junk drawer. It has twine, glue sticks, and glue guns.

All the stuff that needs a place, but doesn’t seem to fit anywhere else.

Cleaning & Organizing My Alex Drawers

I hope you enjoyed hanging out with me while I cleaned up these drawer, and chatted with everyone.

Make sure you come over to Facebook HERE so you can join in on these lives I’ve been doing.

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