August Project Life Set Up

The last few months I have been sharing more of my memory keeping projects, and trying to find a good mix between cards and memory keeping.

Most weeks you will find card projects posted on Tuesdays, and Memory Keeping projects on Friday’s.

Today I’m sharing with you how I set up my Project Life Family Album in advance. Before the month is over, and before I have photos.

August Project Life Set Up

I have found that the best way to be able to keep up with any form of Memory Keeping is to find a system that works for you.

This can be tricky at first because you may need to try a few things out, and they may not all work out.

Do not be afraid to try out a few different things to figure out what fits, and what doesn’t.

I’ve been putting together a Family Album since 2006 when I first came across scrapbooking, and memory keeping.

Basically, I have had some kind of memory keeping album at every stage of life I’ve been in.

I had an album when I was single, and when we first got married and didn’t have kids.

It’s my belief that memory keeping is important no matter what stage of life you are in. There are always stories to tell, and memories to document.

August’s Title Card:

This year I have been using the title cards from the Ali Edwards Stories By The Month Kits.

One of the things I have found helpful for me is to have a formula each month that I follow. This means less decisions I have to make, and the quicker I get my monthly layouts complete.

Ali Edward’s Stories By The Months Kit are a life saver for this.

August Project Life Set Up

August’s Main Pages:

Of course I don’t know all the stories that I will want to documented for the up coming month.

I set up a few of the elements of my album for the month that I will repeat and then at the end of the month when I’m adding my photos I can adjust the other items.

August Project Life Set Up

Stampin Up colors always matches other products on the market.

This month I used the Hues Of Happiness Pattern Paper and it matched perfectly with the colors in Ali’s monthly kit.

The main products I work with are from Stampin Up.

You can purchase any of the Stampin Up Product in my online store HERE, or by clicking on the photos below.

I’ve been a fan of Ali Edwards for year. I enjoy her style and her ability to encourage you to share your stories.

Additionally the class room content that comes with some of Ali’s subscription based product is also amazing.

Over the years I have built up a very nice supply of product from both companies. As a result makes it easy for me to pull from what I already have.

With this in mind let me know in the comments below what you love about memory keeping!

Or make you are having some struggles with memory keeping, I would love to help you.

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