Using My Cricut For Card making

I did something a little bit crazy this morning in my craft room.

I needed to create a snowman for my Let It Snow Memory Keeping Page and to do that I needed to use my Cricut.

This was inspired by a card that I saw Cathy Zielske create a few weeks ago.

Using My Cricut For Card Making

Now at this point I’m sure you are asking yourself “Okay what is so crazy about that? You are a card maker.”

You would be right about that, but I normally don’t make my cards using my Old School Cricut Machine.

I wanted to make a snowman card like Cathy’s, and I didn’t have the correct dies or stamps to do so.

Instead of running out and buying something new I decidded to see if I could make this using my Cricut Machine.

As much as I love purcahsing all the new crafty things I also want to use the things that I already have.

This is a great place to start, using my Cricut which I have missed doing in recent years.

Can you believe how cute this card came out?

Of course it does help that I love everything about snowmans, and winter!

Using My Cricut For Card Making

You can purchase any the supplies I used today in my online store HERE, or by clicking on the photos below.

After seeing how fun this was to get my Cricut out and create with I plan on doing more videos like this for you in the future.

I will be back on Friday to dive into another Memory Keeping Project with you. I can’t wait to see you then.

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