Project Life Pages January 2023

I’ve been working on my January Project Life Pages since the middle of January.

I started planning my pages once I got my Ali Edwards’s Story Themed Kit, and Stories by the Month Kit.

I find that I enjoy the process of putting together my Project Life Family album more when I’m engaged in the process in real-time.

This means it works better for me to work on my January pages as close to January as possible.

Each year it seems that I end up with a bit of a theme or something I am carrying through my entire album.

One year it was a gratitude card that I was receiving monthly from Ali Edwards, other years it has been a calendar card or even a shape I love.

This year I’m going to feature black Project Life Cards or pattern paper throughout each month.

Project Life Pages January 2023

In January it was easy to do this by adding some of the elements from my title page to the monthly spread.

I loved adding the Black Camera Pattern Paper to the back of my Calendar.

It was also a lot of fun using my stamps on my calendar page.

Project Life Pages January 2023

One of the stories I highlighted in the month of January was the crazy amount of rain we got here in California.

Spoiler Alert I also have a similar story for February.

12 x 12 Large Photos:

Project Life Pages January 2023

I enjoy having a mix of everyday moments where nothing special really happened, as well as highlighting certain stories I want to document a bit more in-depth.

There is no right or wrong way to put together your yearly album.

Simply follow what feels best to you, what feels most natural. What kind of stories and processes do you gravitate towards?

Project Life Pages January 2023

I’m also a big fan of larger photos within my Project Life Album.

Currently, I use the Project Life App to have these larger photos printed.

Journaling In My Family Album:

The topic of journaling your memory-keeping pages can be really complicated. I know it can be the thing that holds a lot of people back.

I’m not the best at journaling, it does not come naturally to me, and It is the one that I procrastinate the most in all of my memory-keeping projects.

January is not yet journaled and I will be tackling that before moving on to my February pages.

Make sure you come back next Thursday for another Project Life project share.

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