The Craftroom Studio Tour

After several months I’ve finally come to the end of my Spring Clean Craft Room Clean Up Series.

Today I want to share the grand tour with you, along with all the links for all the things that can be found in my space.

If you are wanting to bing watch some craft room organization you can always check out my Craft Room Organization Playlist on Youtube HERE.

The Craftroom Studio Tour

I will start out with the final tour video. Below that video will be a list of each area in the craft room with all the links for items you may be looking for.

If there is a clean-up video for that area or other videos for that area I will link those as well.

If you missed the series that I was doing for this craft clean up you can start with the first video where I explain what got me started down this road!

Once I got started with the clean up I realized that I wanted to purge some items, and really figure out what I wanted in this space.

I thought this would take a few weeks, but in the end, it ended up taking me several months. I couldn’t be happier with how everything turned out.

Retire Product Corner

This is not the prettiest corner of my craft room, however, it is very functional. This space was a little difficult to figure out because the door has to be able to open.

I found the DVD Shelf Organizer on Amazon HERE which works well with my Stampin Up Stamp Sets as they are in DVD-style cases. You can get this shelf in different sizes, and colors.

The Craftroom Studio Tour

A few of my favorite organization containers on this shelf come from Amazon, The Dollar Store & TJ Max.

The Tins from the Dollar Store can be hard to find. I have better luck in the summer and spring. I spray-painted mine and then added pattern paper and ribbon.

Craft Room Container Organization

The mini Blue plastic baskets I found at T.J. Max and I got them in a pack of 12. I couldn’t find them to link but I placed the white ones in the photo above in my Amazon Store Front HERE.

I used two different spray paint colors in my room. The first color is the more Bermuda Bay Inspired color.

Craft Room Paint Colors

This is the color of the oval tins, my grandma’s chair, the top of my paper tower, and the Always Be Creative Lettering.

The Second color is one I just recently added and is more of a Pretty Peacock Inspired color. This color was used to redo the Grove Tin Containers, Decore Pieces, Tray By the Stairs, Containers on the die-cutting shelf, and the 2 rolling carts.

12×12 Scrapbook Album Unit

One of the first things I set up in this room, and invested in were these shelves from Ikea. They are the Large Kallak Unit. I’ve always known that as my Scrapbook Albums grew each year this shelf would become full of albums. I have two shelves stacked on top of each other.

You can find the Kallak Units Here. I love them in the black color, but you will see that I also have them in White.

The Craftroom Studio Tour

12 x 12 Pattern Paper & TV Area

There were two areas in my crafty space that jump-started this project. My Die Cuts and I wanted to add a small TV in this room.

I’ve always either used my Computer or Ipad to watch Youtube, Movies, or Shows down here when I’m crafting. However, I have just wanted to have a TV where it would be easier to watch things.

My kids also spend time down here during the summer and I knew it would be nice for them as well. I got a 32 Inch Smart TV from Walmart and it has worked perfectly.

The Craftroom Studio Tour

I’m including this video from about a year ago when I went through and cleaned up my pattern paper. This was after updating a lot of my papers the previous summer.

Being a full-time Stampin Up Demonstrator I was finding that I was ending up with a lot of pattern paper that I didn’t use. The boxes of paper that I put together have already sold.

Since this video I have been much more intentional with the paper I get from Stampin Up, and how I’m using it.

The Shelf Unit is from Ikea and you can find that HERE. I would recommend getting all Kallak Units as they come in different sizes, and colors and will be matched throughout your space.

If you love organization as much as I do I’m sure you have been to a Container Store. I’m the person who wants EVERYTHING the container store has to offer. However, I don’t love the prices at the container store.

Container Store Mulit Purpose Bins

One of the most inexpensive items you can find at the Container Store is one of my favorite organization items for my craft room. The Multipurpose Bin can be found in several different sizes and works perfectly for your 12×12 Pattern Paper. You can find those HERE!

I recommend the Small and Medium sizes. I would skip the Large Size.

Die Cutting Book Shelf

I’ve had this white bookshelf for many years and it has held up great. It was very inexpensive. I found it at Walmart, and the only one I can link is the black-colored oneHERE.

Sometimes with Walmart, it is easier to find things in the store than it is online.

The Craftroom Studio Tour

I’m pretty sure this is the space that started it all. I wanted to organize my dies in a way that would help me use them more.

Currently, I’m moving away from organizing my crafting space in retired product / current product status. I want to be able to use the items that I love and not worry about it.

That can be hard being a full-time demonstrator and sharing online. I believe that most people crafting, and watching videos online don’t expect the person to ONLY use items that can be currently purchased.

On this bookshelf, there are two items that I love using to organize all the fun things. My Die are organized using these clear bins you can find HERE.

Ikea Containers

I’ve used Non-Slip Shelf Liner that you can purchase HERE. I got mine at Walmart.

The other items on the shelf are organized in boxes I found at Ikea HERE.

You can get these on Amazon but the price is CRAZY. I ordered these from Ikea and had them directly shipped to me and it was totally worth it.

If you are in a pinch and need them right away HERE they are on Amazon.

Desk Area & Small Book Shelf Corner

This is the area where I do all of my computer work including editing and voice-overing videos, and this is also where I film my face to face to videos directly from my computer.

The desk was pieced together with 2 different Alex Drawers from Ikea, A customer piece that build, a hollow door from Lowes, and two wood spindles used for legs.

The Craftroom Studio Tour

I did end up shifting a few things around in these drawers. I added my Cricut Cutting Matts, along with a few other supplies to the top drawer.

This way I could shift all the clear bags, and packaging items down. I’m currently not in need of so many shipping supplies as I’m moving away from shipping things from home.

I love the handle pulls I received from the Country Hive. I was happy to review and I honestly didn’t think they would make much of a difference.

However, after having them on here for a while I can say I really do love having them. My plan is to get several more sets for the rest of the drawers in this room.

You can check out how these handle pull work, and review them in the video below.

DIY Card Organization:

I also wanted to share this video of my Card Organization. I’ve loved having this set up this way in this container.

This kit was from Stampin Up and has since retired, however, make sure you keep an eye out if you are wanting this one. Sometimes things will go on the clearance rack.

DIY Card Organization

You can also find this kind of organizer on Amazon. I found it on HERE that might work if you are looking for something like this.

I want to remind you that any Amazon Links that I use are affiliate links. This means that I earn a very small commission on items you purchase using my link. The price of the item is not effect by you using the link. I appreciate you using these links and supporting me.

The other part of card organization I’ve done in my office is this container here. I’ve since updated the pattern paper to match my current room.

DIY Card Organization

This video is a much older video, and it was a collaboration I did with Wendy Cranford from Luvin’ Stampin’

Get the container we used HERE on Amazon.

Project Life Corner

This area is where most of my Project Life Items live. The main items in this corner are my Project Life Core Kits and my Ali Edwards product.

The first thing to note is that I’ve been getting Ali Edwards Story-Themed Kits, and Stories By The Month Kits for over 5 years. I have a lot of products!

Second Core Kits are not really a thing anymore. They don’t make them anymore, and you can’t find all that many around.

I got lucky and found a huge lot at a Tuesday Morning a few years back and I really stocked up on my favorites.

The Craftroom Studio Tour

In this video from last summer, I share with you how I organized all of my bits and bobs mostly from Ali Edwards.

I feel like I have all these random embellishments from digital kits that I’ve purchased and printed out, to sticker sheets of all different kinds that I use in my Project Life Album.

These items were really out of control and I wasn’t using them. At the time I didn’t want to spend any money to organize these items so I used what I had on hand.

DIY Shelf With Stamp Pad & Embellishment Organization

I thought I would start here with the building of this DIY Shelf. My husband had built me a shelf that was like this many years ago.

When I updated this space a few years ago I wanted a shelf that fit this space better so together we updated. I love the way this piece came out.

The Craftroom Studio Tour

It is honestly nothing fancy or expensive. It is perfect because it fits the space and supplies in such a perfect way because I was able to design it.

You can check how I had my room before you can check out the other videos I did during this time.

It was more stressful than I had planned on it because the week that we started this project was also the week that the entire world shut down due to Covid 19.

Wall Of Cubes

All of the cubes you see on this wall are Closet-Maid Cube organizers and you find them at Walmart HERE, or at Lowes HERE.

I noticed while gathering links that they are expensive now. When I purchased all these for this room they were only around $40 a piece.

The Mini Cube Organizers are the same brand but I haven’t been able to find them in years. I got mine at Staples close to 10 years ago.

The Craftroom Studio Tour

With these being more expensive now it may be a better option to go with the cubes from Ikea. Just note that they are bigger and take up much more space.

I get the square inserts on Amazon in black HERE, and teal HERE. I also picked up a set of the mini cube inserts on Amazon HERE.

Craft Desk Island & Raskog Rolling Carts

Before giving you an overview of the entire desk I wanted to share my Rolling Cart with you. I have two of these in this space I picked them up at ikea HERE.

I originally got the light blue color and purchased them when there were no other options for rolling carts so they were very expensive. Since that time you can now pick these up all over the place, and you can find them in many different colors.

One of the things I knew I wanted to spray paint and update were these carts and I think they both came out beautiful.

Craft Room Rolling Cart

The rest of my desk is from Ikea as well. I used two Alex Drawers, a Customer Piece, and some legs to create my main desk.

The desk was created so that I could stand it, or sit. The chair I got was a drafter chair I found on Amazon HERE.

The Craftroom Studio Tour

I also wanted to share this video here on the blog of my One Little Word Organization that I did this last year. Everything that I did in this video for this item is still how I have everything set up.

Just this last year I went in and shared inside my Alex drawers and did a deep clean and organization.

There was not much that was needed to organize this go-around from the drawers because I had done it in the video below.

My Crafting / Filming Desk:

This is the last area that I organized and cleaned up. I didn’t think there was much to do in this area but I am so glad that I took the time to go through it.

I ended up finding a lot of items that needed to be cleaned up and even purged.

The Craftroom Studio Tour

The desk was created out of Alex Drawers From Ikea and two of the Ikea table tops.

I have all of my 8-1/2 x 11 cardstock in a paper tower that was custom-built, and then given to me. What a blessing that piece has been.

You can find the lights I use for filming HERE on Amazon. These lights are a bit more expensive however they are the BEST lights I have had for this space.

With all that said that wraps up this craft room tour! I hope you enjoyed seeing an overview of my room, along with all the organization I’ve done here.

Next week I will be sharing an entire video featuring all of my Craft Room Decor. From things I have made, to things I’ve purchased.

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