Figuring OUt Faith Journaling

What a surprise it is even for me to be sharing this video, and project with you.

I never would have thought I would be trying out this crafty hobby, or that I would be finding so much join in doing it.

However, I have to confess I don’t think I’m doing this Hobby like everyone else is doing it.

Figuring OUt Faith Journaling

Let me give you a little bit of the back story.

I have always loved journaling, but as I had kids it is something that I just didn’t make time for.

Now I have got back into it, and I’m loving it. I wanted started getting interested in Bible Journaling because I started watching The Scrappy Wife on Youtube.

Somehow I wanted to combine both journaling in a journal and some kind of bible journaling but not in a bible. And that is how this whole thing got started!

I think what I’m doing I’m going to call Faith Journaling. It is not Bible Journaling as I’m doing this in a Bible.

My journaling is not always based on something “inside” the bible. It has more to do with my Faith and the journey I’m on.

I also wanted to find away to use all the crafty things I already have, without having to change my style, or purchase a bunch of new items.

Faith Journal Process:

The first thing I’m reminding myself of as I start this new project is I’m not seeking perfection.

I know it will take me some time to figure out how I want to do this, which means some of the pages won’t be perfect.

This process is really a cross between Art Journaling and Bible Journaling.

Figuring OUt Faith Journaling

I’m also not sure how much of this I will feature on here on my website or Youtube Channel.

This is something that is deeply personal, and brand new to me. I don’t know that I would have much insight to offer.

Figuring OUt Faith Journaling

Because I decided I wanted to change up the front cover and make it more colorful I put the first cover page inside the journal.

I didn’t see a point in wasting that work, or the beautiful supplies.

I’m so much happier with a colorful front cover, and I loved using my Cricut for vinyl on the front cover.

My Notebook Collection:

My current notebook line up starting from the left is as follows

Do What Makes Your Soul Shine – This Weeks Journal / To-Do List
Bloom In Your Own Way – “Bullet Journal” Style. Longer Term Lists, Brain Dumps.
His Grace Is Enough – Faith Journal
Forever Strong – Faith + Wellness Journaling: Mentel Health & Wellness, Therapy Notes, Faith Thoughts.

Figuring OUt Faith Journaling

I keep all my journals, along with my two planners in a basket in my living room where I sit.

Most days I’m in at least one of the journals and planners, the faith journal is not something I forsee doing everyday.

You can find this basket at Walmart HERE, and the Notebooks I love HERE. The Faith Journal is Dot Grid, my normal journals are just grid.

These notebooks are also linked in my Amazon Store Front. These are affiliate links which does not cost you anything extra but goes a long way in supporting me.

Thanks for stopping by and checking out this new hobby.

I will be back next week after I make it through this heatwave we are expecting here in Sunny California.

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