Project Life Family Album – May 2023

This week I wanted to dive back into my Project Life Family Album. Of all of the memory-keeping projects I do, this is the most important one to me.

It is our family album. I always have this album finished at the end of the year so I can start the next year’s album when the new year starts.

Honestly starting it at the beginning of the year, and having it finished at the end helps keep me motivated.

Project Life Family Album - May 2023

There are other projects that don’t get finished in such a timely manner and I’m okay with that.

My Project Life Family is never too far behind, and I’m always confident I can catch back up, and get back on track with it.

In today’s video, I’m going to first access where I am at, and then get May’s photo dropped in.

The number one that helps me stay current in this album, and get caught up if I am a bit behind is systems.

I have found a system that works for me with this project and I just stick to it. It is also worth noting that I have been doing a Personal, or Family album since 2005.

Calendar Page:

This is something I do each month and this allows me to have a place to keep extra items or do a traditional layout behind the Calendar.

I just recently started using all my fun Ali Edwards Stamps on my month’s layout. I’m enjoying the ability to be more creative with this calendar now.

Project Life Family Album - May 2023

Insert Pages:

Each month starts off with 2 simple Design A page protectors from Becky Higgins.

I like to get all of my page protectors from two sources, this way I know they will all line up and look good together.

I also do not mind spending money on my page protectors. These page protectors I want to hold up the wear and tear of life. My favorite page protectors are from Becky Higgins and Ali Edwards.

Project Life Family Album - May 2023

The two Design A page protectors hold all of our everyday moments. I do not print every single photo I take, and I do not feel like it is important to document every single photo I take.

Our monthly photos in these two-page protectors are a snapshot of our what our life looks likes.

I also will decide on a few different things happening during the month that I want to focus on. That is where the inserts come in.

Project Life Family Album - May 2023

One of my favorite aspects of Project Life is the way the page protectors layer together. All the different sizes not only give the album character but also makes it very interactive.

It is so fun to flip a page and see all these little tiny pockets full of flower pictures or to turn the page and see a large 12×12 photo. It really is my favorite thing about Pocketed Scrapbooking.

Project Life Family Album - May 2023

What I Have Left To Do:

There are not that many items left to finish in the first half of my Project Life Family Album.

Journaling for April, May & June will need to be done. Since we are so close to the end of this album I will do all three months of journaling together.

I need to wrap up a few traditional pages or insert pages which will not take that long. And last, but not least I will need to drop in June Photos.

I’m feeling very confident that I will be able to get these things done this month.

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