Looking At Project Life June 2023

One of my favorite memory-keeping projects each year is my Family Album. This project starts in January, and I wrap it up in December.

This year I have been taking you with me as I work through this project. It is my goal to show you how easy this project can be.

As I jump back into sharing with you I want to start basically where I left off which is in June.

Looking At Project Life June 2023

Another key point in the summer I always tend to fall slightly behind. With the kids home, and the heat rolling in it just becomes a bit more difficult to get into my studio.

I’m not freaked out because I understand how to dive back and get caught up.

Don’t let the phrase “caught up” scare you. The truth is I never want to be caught up because then I will not be doing what I love.

Being able to scrapbook, memory-keep, or play with paper IS the fun part. Never wish the fun away by wanting to always be caught up.

As I have shown no matter how hard I try I just can’t seem to fit one year into one album. Believe me, I have tried.

Truth be told it is not worth editing down what I want in my Family to make it fit into one album.

I will also suggest that you pick what is important to you and then make a game plan to make that work.

Looking At Project Life June 2023

With that in mind, I know that I have two albums every year. Finishing up the first half always feels exciting.

All that is left for June is a little bit of journaling and a few traditional pages.

Basically, for the month of June, I will have several extra layouts to complete, along with my journaling.

Looking At Project Life June 2023

I will complete a few of these layouts in the Project Life App which I use all the time. It is such an amazing tool to use for memory-keeping.

Are you interested in seeing a few Project Life App Tutorials? If so please let me know in the comments below.

Make sure to come back next Tuesday so you can see one of the traditional layouts I’m going to create for the month of June.

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