Printing 12×12 Photos For Project Life

Today I am sharing with you how I create and print my 12×12 photos for my Project Life Album.

Hands down one of my favorite things about putting together a Project Life Family Album every year is all the different interactive pieces.

I have small 6×8 pages in my album all the way to 12×12 photos. It brings me so much joy using the Project Life to create collage pages, as well as extra large prints.

Printing 12x12 Photos For Project Life

I do both printing at home and sending away to get photos and prints printed. I’ve never wanted to make the investment into a extra larger printer that can print up to 13 inch prints.

Instead, I find it a lot easier to use the Project Life App to have these kinds of prints printed.

Whenever I need photos that are larger than 5×7, or I want to fit alot of photos into one layout I use the Project Life App.

I love the big impact of a 12×12 photos. You can also use the photo itself as the foundation for a layout.

Here for my Stories Of Home project, I have paired a large photo with several smaller photos on the other side of the layout.

Printing 12x12 Photos For Project Life

Easy Summer Page:

I just love opening my album up to see a big photo staring back at me! This one was taken over the summer of the kids in the pool.

I don’t have to do anything fancy to the photo or make it into a layout. It is perfect the way it is.

Printing 12x12 Photos For Project Life

Using the Project Life App is the easiest way to get these large photos without having to have a printer set up at home to do it.

You can print directly through the app, or save to your camera roll and print through another vendor.

Stay tuned for a complete walkthrough of my January – June Project Life Album.

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