September Project Life set Up

I’ve been spending the last few weeks back in the first half of my Project Life album wrapping it up.

That has been going awesome and I’ve been making progress. Today I am in the second half of the year setting up September.

While filming this video September hadn’t even ended yet, and I didn’t have any of my September photos.

September Project Life set Up

You don’t always have to have photos to get your next month set up.

If you have followed in the past you know I’ve set several months up at a time. Printing photos is the easy part.

In today’s video today I’m going to walk you through my basic setup, and the supplies I used.

The other project that I want to mention here is my Week In The Life Album which I shared a video of yesterday on my Youtube Channel HERE.

If you have seen that video make sure to check it out over on Youtube.

All photos of the project I share in my Life Simply Documented Group. You can join us HERE.

Now let’s get back to September for my Project Life Family Album.

September Project Life set Up

Having a basic setup always makes me feel better. I know once I have my photos it won’t take that much time to finish up the month.

With the month of September not being over there is still work that needs to be done on this project.

When the month ends, and I print photos I will complete the project. I will leave everything that I’m using for the month together in the album.

You can see it sits perfectly in the pocket in the album awaiting my return.

September Project Life set Up

Have I convinced you yet to try out this yearly project? Let me know in the comments below.

I’m looking forward to my Paper Party this weekend, and then I will be back here with you next week.

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