Craftmas Day 3 – Advent Calendar

It has only been in the last few years that our family has gotten into Advent Calendars.

When our kids were younger I never really thought about it, in recent years it has become more of a trendy thing to do and we have joined in.

Today I wanted to share something new that I did with Advent Calendar gifts this year.

Craftmas Day 3 - Advent Calendar

Something our kids have always loved is having their own special cup. In our house, this has always ended up being coffee cups. The girls have several cups that are special to them. Andrew has not had anything really special to him.

This summer he got a Marvel Superhero Coffee Cup, and this Christmas I decided to get them all a new coffee mug.

Christmas Mugs – A New Tradition:

It was fun getting these two Christmas Coffee Mugs from Stampin Up.

Andrew loves things that have to do with Stampin Up since it reminds him of me, and what I do. I gave him the one with the lights on it since the inside says “Inspire, Create, Share”

Craftmas Day 3 - Advent Calendar

Violet got the red Fa La La Cup and she loved it. You can find these cups HERE (click on the word here) in my Stampin Up Store Front.

For Kayla’s cup, I found one Amazon that I was able to add her name on. You can find this cup HERE (click on the word here) on my Amazon Store Front. At checkout, you can add the name you want on the cup.

Craftmas Day 3 - Advent Calendar

I filled each of the cups with some fun Candy and set them out with the Advent Calendars.

We also have a Snowman Christmas Countdown. You move the snowflake to each day until it reaches the 25th.

Esau is in charge of moving the snowflake! One of these days I’m going to get a Chocolate Advent Calendar.

I hope you are enjoying Craftmas. I will be back tomorrow with another fun project.

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