Craftmas Day 4 & 5

Today I wanted to share Craftmas Days 4, and 5.

One of the things that I did right after Thanksgiving to get ready for the Holiday Season was to organize all of my Pretty Packaging items.

Craftmas Day 4 & 5

I had recently moved these around in my Caftroom, but I need to go through things and get them organized.

There is always a moment that pops up during the Holiday Season when I need a quick gift. In the moment I hate digging through all the containers, boxes, and bags trying to find something that will work.

I knew if I could get these items organized I would know what I had on hand, and it would be easier in the moment to grab something and go.

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to condense these containers. I still ended up with three full cubes. The funny thing is I found MORE boxes I had purchased in another cube because I hadn’t had any room in the three cubes I already had.

Craftmas Day 4 & 5

Craftmas Day 5 – Youtube Live

On Day 5 I decided to jump on Youtube

Craftmas Day 4 & 5

I had thought that this card would be simple, and it would be quick to put together.

However, the design that I had thought of didn’t work out perfectly. I had to change a few things around to get the card design to work.

I loved the gold heart on the front of this card. The beautiful paper that I used for this project has already sold out.

However, there is another set of papers that I love just as much.

You can purchase any of the supplies I used in today’s project in my online store HERE, or by clicking on the photos below.

I will be back tomorrow with my next Craftmas Project.

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