Moving My Crafting Desk

Once the holidays are over I tend to do a pretty big cleanup in my Craft Studio. This year was no different.

After I got most of my Holiday items put away I did a minor cleanup I was sure I was ready to get back to crafting, and sharing.

Moving My Crafting Desk

I was wrong! I’ve been having some crazy thoughts about moving my desk around to make it function better for crafting.

However, I know how quickly this kind of project can get out of hand. One thing can very easily lead to another and then another.

The idea of moving my desk around just would go away and that is what led me to moving the entire thing around.

I don’t know why I do this to myself. This time around it turned out to be an even bigger project because my husband wasn’t home to help with the moving of anything.

I spent around 4 hours just moving the desks around to see what I could do with them. Honestly, if I had the money to spend I would purchase something different altogether.

Using what I already have seems like the easiest thing to do at this moment.

Moving My Crafting Desk

My main goal was to have all of the drawers pointed towards, and more space to spread out and create.

Because I no longer prep classes or workshops I don’t need my table space to be longer than this.

Moving My Crafting Desk

I was right and this project did last more than one day, and it led to other projects that I wanted to, needed to tackle.

However once I got most of it done I was able to create on this desk and, in this space much easier.

Let me know in the comments below if you are someone who is always shifting your crafty space around.

We might need to open up a support group!

Thank you for stopping by my website and checking out what I have been up to around my Craft Studio.

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