Project Life Title Page 2024

As days have ticked by this year I am finding myself more and more excited about doing Project Life, and tackling my 2024 album.

Today I want to start working on my Title Page. In past years I have done all kinds of title pages, using nearly every page configuration I have.

Last year I even did a double 12″ x 12″ more traditional style title page. You can check that HERE. Or type in to the search bar at the top of my website “Title Page”.

This year I wanted to keep it simple by using the Design A page protector pockets from my January set up.

Project Life Title Page 2024

I ended up putting together my Page Lifter, An into spot for a picture and some journaling, along with my title page.

In my video below I will walk you through my process, and share my thoughts for this years Project Life Album.

I thought by creating my title page in the Design A page protector it would help the process to feel less overwhelming for anyone wanting to get started with this project.

A friendly reminder that whatever it is you are doing for your documenting this year, or any other year is enough. It doesn’t have to be complicated.

Whatever size you use, whatever product you using, and however you are telling your stories is enough.

Project Life Title Page 2024

Some years you are going to feel more excited about the process than other years and that is okay.

There will be weeks, or sometimes months that you don’t feel like taking photos, or you simply forget. The process of documenting your stories should never be source of stress.

I believe in keeping simple, yet making it meaninful.

Simple & Meaningful:

Don’t overthink all the things! Keep it simiple. Whatever you are feeling like doing go with it.

One of the things I’m looking forward to this year is telling smaller stories that happen around here. Things the kids say, text message or Instagram stories we share with one another. The little everyday things that I’ve been missing putting in my album.

Project Life Title Page 2024

One last reminder! Not every year, month or even week needs to be same. Lean into how you are feeling about the project right now.

I would love to hear from you about your own Project Life Album. What size are you tackling this year?

All of January I will be here sharing tips and tricks on getting your Project Life Album started.

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