Kayla’s Project Life Albums

Let’s talk about how to put together a set of albums for your kids in the most stressful way possible.

As someone who has spent years, and even decades putting together albums for my children I can safely say that I have been at every end of the spectrum with this project.

I’ve been caught up in a good place, and I’ve been so far behind I thought it was pointless to try and keep going, or get caught up.

And of course, I have been everywhere in between.

Kayla's Project Life Albums

Today I want to share with you my process for putting together all three of my kid’s albums using the Project Life App.

As well as how I have caught up on the last 3 years for all three kids, and getting back into the process of putting the pages together each month.

I knew at the end of last year I was ready to do a major catch in all of the kids albums, but I also knew that this process wouldn’t be perfect.

It would not be possiable for me to get everything printed all at once because of the cost.

I also knew that I had lots of extra things that I wanted to get into each album.

This is my first tip for you whenever you are diving into a big project. Start with the most basic foundation, and just get going.

Start With What You Have – Don’t worry About it!

Often times we want to go buy all the supplies, and get all of the pictures printed. Then we feel like the set up will be perfect.

However, this can often time hold you back. If you want for everything to be perfect, to have the right things you may never get started.

Kayla's Project Life Albums

With Kayla’s current album I am starting with page protectors, and some binder rings. It may not be perfect in this moment but that is not the focus.

The focus is the motivation to get into this project and make progress on it. Having something done, is better than having nothing done at all.

The next thing I need to do is purchase some 12×12 Page Protectors.

I ran out in the middle of putting her album together. I get my 12×12 Page Protectors HERE.

Small Steps For The Win

Small progress is still progress. You don’t have start the project and finish it in the same day.

In fact I encourage you NOT to even try to finish it one day! Often times once I dive into a project and I get in the mindset for what I’m working on ideas start coming to me.

Kayla's Project Life Albums

Sometimes the stress of knowing I want to get back into a project blocks my creative mojo and makes it harder to even get started.

Once I’m working on the project it feels easier to come up with ideas, and figure out what I want to do.

Whatever You Are Do – That Is Enough!

You will notice that there are pages in Kayla’s album that I have even journaled, and then some pages have journaling on them and feel more complete.

I do my best to not get caught up in what is the right or wrong way of doing a project. I don’t think about what “I should do.”, or what anyone else is doing.

Whatever it is I’m doing is enough, and I promise you whatever you are doing with any memory-keeping project you are working on is enough.

Make sure you check out my everyday Project Life Process! I will be back next with another Project Life Weekly Share.

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