About Katina Martinez

Let me first start by saying Welcome To My Website! I hope you are feeling all the creative inspiration.

I’m so thankful you are here. I wanted to share a little bit about myself and this seems like the perfect place.

About Katina Martinez

In late 2009 I started a blog/website with a friend and it was totally focused on Crafting. Scrapbooking, Home Decor, Using the Cricut! All of those fun things.
I loved being online and having a YouTube channel and website. I never dreamed it would turn into all of this.

Let’s skip all the childhood stuff and even my early 20s. It was crazy, and nothing really worth remembering happened.

Let’s start this storytime in 2006 when I was blessed to marry my best friend and we started our life together, I feel like this is when my life truly began!

After being married for almost 3 years we started our journey through Parenthood! We have 3 wonderful children that honestly drive us crazy most days!!!

We wouldn’t have it any other way!!! Over the years we have realized we will always be striving to figure this whole “Parenthood thing out!”

About Katina Martinez

Kayla is our oldest and looks, acts, and thinks so much like her daddy. She really is Daddy’s little girl. She is currently in high school and loves all the things that Drama and Musical Theater offers.
It has been so much getting to see her perform in different plays. Watching her confidence grow has been amazing.

Violet is my mini-me! She looks and acts just like me. Her Daddy likes to say to her often “Stop acting like your mama!”.
She is also Autistic, and she has taught our entire family so much about life, love, and seeing this world through a different lens.

Andrew is our youngest. He is a lot like both of us. He loves watching card videos with me and finding ways to create awesome crafty things. However, he is just as excited to be with his dad cutting wood for the winter, or working on the cars.

We have entered the stage in life where all of our kids are in their teens, they will all be in middle school or high school soon and the parenting moments are much more emotional now.

A Few Random Facts About Me:

My family is my life! All I’ve ever wanted is a family. Growing up in a very broken home all I did was dream of being married, and being a stay-at-home Mom! Having a family, and a home of my own.
I feel incredibly blessed to have this now.

I *heart* Organizing! One of my favorite things to do is organize pretty much anything. Here is my craftroom another part of my hobby is keeping it all organized.

My favorite show of all time is: CASTLE – My husband and I have been watching this show since day one! I love Nathan Fillion and even watched Firefly after Castle had been on for a few years! We have recently added Chicago Fire, and Chicago PD to our list of favorites.

We live in a very SMALL town! Plymouth, Ca whenever I think about this little tiny town that I adore. I think of the song “Down Home” By Alabama and our little town reminds me of Stars Hallow from Gilmore Girls. It truly is a small town and I adore living here.

This is a photo of the beautiful Wine Country that is just a few miles from our home. It really is this beautiful.

About Katina Martinez

Lastly, I hate to travel! Yep I really do! The entire thought stresses me out. I would much rather be at home in my comfy yoga pants, or PJs crafting with a glass a wine, or cup of coffee!

Life Style Crafter:

What even is this crazy title? Did I totally just make it up? Yep, I sure did! But I promise you it is the most fitting title I have ever heard.

I’m addicted to this hobby in the very best way, and once I had kids, and wanted to find a way to be able to stay home with them and be more involved in all aspects of their growing up.
I wanted to be able to volunteer at the school and be here when they got home. The whole thing. So I turned this little hobby into a day job.

In 2010 I was searching for good quality ink pads. I had never stamped anything, and at the time I didn’t own 1 single stamp set. I called a local Stampin’ Up! demonstrator, and asked her to host a Stampin’ Up workshop…. the rest is History!!

These are the first cards I ever stamped!

About Katina Martinez

I had a few friends over to my house and we made these 3 cards. I thought that Cherry Cobbler was the most beautiful RED Cardstock I had ever seen, and Early Espresso was everything I had ever hoped for a brown cardstock. (When I say I’m a LIFE-Style crafter I mean it.)

I was hooked from the moment I sat down with this beautiful product in front of me!! I spent HOURS looking through that very first catalog!!

Stampin Up Was A Part Of My Story:

I joined Stampin’ Up in May of 2012. I have found so much joy in being a part of Stampin’ Up!! It is my desire to create & share with others, Stampin’ Up allowed me to do that.
While I am longer a Full Time Stampin Up Demonstrator it is still part of my story.
It will also be a huge part of my life and I will forever be thankful. I thought I would leave a few highlights here for you to see.

Titles, Trips, and Achievements:

I started Stampin Up in June 2012 as a Sr. Associate. In 2015 I hit the title of Gold. I would bounce back and forth between Gold, and Gold Elite for several years.

When I stopped pursuing a full-time demonstratorship in early 2021 I was at the title of Gold. Something I will also be proud of as it is easy to promote through Direct Sale Companies.

June 10th 2014 – I earned my first incentive trip.
I earned the Washington DC Incentive trip on June 10th which happened to be my 8th Wedding Anniversary! 
It was amazing to be able to take my husband on this trip! We had the best time!

What was more amazing about this trip was it was it was only a year and a half into my becoming a demonstrator. My husband’s job situation changed and for two months between him starting a new job we were fine because of the trip, and the bonus I had earned at the end of that year.

About Katina Martinez

Founder Circle 2014: Founder Circle is one of the highest achievements you can earn through Stampin’ Up! It is the top 100 Demonstrators in the Nation!
I also earned this trip that first year. It would be one of the last years Founder Circles would be around within the company. It was a huge honor to attend this trip that year.

About Katina Martinez

I met so many wonderful Stampin’ Up Demonstrators during this trip! Demonstrators that I had been following for several years.
It was a trip of a lifetime for me in so many ways.

June 2015 – I earned my second incentive trip.
Our second trip with Stampin’ Up was to Newport Beach right here in California. This trip was much more laid back for us.
We visited the beach, went to the movies, and hung out by the pool. I came home with a newfound love for this business and a deep peace!

About Katina Martinez

I would go on to earn several more incentive trips but wouldn’t end up taking any of them. Things changed at home with the kids getting older, and being in school with more activities. My husband’s job would make it hard to take off on trips, and it honestly just wasn’t a priority in my life at the time to travel. And did I mention how much I really hate traveling?

Why I choose to leave Stampin Up as a full-time demonstrator:

What does that even mean? I know right? Instead of going into some long story, that I’m sure you don’t really care about I will cut to the chase.
There is no crazy, juicy tea to share about this decision. There is nothing negative that I want to say about Stampin’ Up.

The main reason for me stepping away is because I want to experience the crafty world from outside the Stampin Up bubble.
When you are a full-time Stampin Up Demo you only use their products, you only hang out with other demonstrators, and you only talk about, experience, feel, live, and breathe Stampin Up.

While that works for some, while it was my world for a long time I’m no longer in that place. I want to jump out of the sandbox and play with others!

What am I Up To Now?

I’m basically doing what I have always done. You can find me Creating, and Sharing all of it with you!

I’m focusing on my love for memory-keeping, and scrapbooking. I’m diving into teaching all the things I love when it comes to capturing your memories and documenting them.

About Katina Martinez

Most of all I’m keeping it simple while making it all meaningful. I hope you are excited to be here, and I can’t wait to hang out with you while crafting into the late hours of the night.

In 2021 I started applying for design teams as a way to meet new crafty friends, share my love for memory-keeping, and crafting, as well as step outside my comforter zone.
Below I will list some of the designs I have been active on.

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