Get A Stampin’ Up Discount

Would you like to get a Stampin’ Up Discount on all of your Stampin’ Up orders?

If you are like me, always searching for the best deal you can get then you are going to want to purchase the Stampin’ Up “Starter Kit” for $99.00.

When you do this you get to pick out $125.00 in product and it all ships to you for FREE! That RIGHT Shipping is FREE!!!

Yes this means you will become a
Stampin’ Up Demonstrator
DON’T Freak out! Seriously Don’t!

When you purchase the start kit you become a Stampin’ Up Demonstrator! This does NOT mean you have to sell product, or have workshops!

I had no intentions of ever doing anything business related when I joined Stampin Up. In fact I kind of thought it might be a scam. (That is a story for another day)

You can see below different options you have once you purchase the kit.

Once you Join Stampin’ Up you will be able to take advantage of some of the amazing rewards the Stampin’ Up community has to offer. 

  1. Save 20% on all your Stampin’ Up Orders. Yes on EVERY SINGLE Order you place!
  2. Earn up to 25% commission on any customer order you receive! {Even if its your Sister or Best Friend who is just support this crazy little adventure you are on!}
  3. See and purchase new product before customers. Access to all new product and promotion a full month before anyone else.
  4. Join our weekly Prize Patrols and win fun product. Nope – There is no catch! Just for being apart of our team you can join Prize Patrols!
  5. Join our exclusive Facebook groups for tons of inspiration & fun.
  6. Join our exclusive Card Swaps & Quarterly Quick & Cute Project Make & Takes
  7. Earn FREE product directly from Stampin’ Up
  8. You can earn CASH Bonus directly from Stampin’ Up.
  9. Join our exclusive team meetings online NO MATTER WHERE YOU LIVE!
  10. Earn FREE Trips or even earn a regular income if you desire.

Once you JOIN I have no doubt that you will wonder how you lived without us!

We love having “Hobby Demonstrators”! which simply means you don’t want to mess with any of that “Business Stuff” that some of us are in to!

You want to purchase your Stampin’ Up Product for a great discount, and hang out with everyone sharing what you are working on!

Yep, we want you to JOIN and just that is it! We feel like we would be LOST without our Hobby Demonstrators to cheer us on in our business and inspire us!

I’ve been with Stampin Up now for over 10 years, and I have loved every second. It has been an incredible experience that I wouldn’t trade for anything in the world.

There are people that I have met, and place I have gone that I wouldn’t have dreamed was possible. Being apart of Stampin Up has helped me grow as a person.

I want to share all of that with you! If you would like to start your very own business we are happy to help you get started! The great thing about having your own Stampin’ Up business is you can make it work for your life.

We have several ways to help you build the kind of business that works for you!

{Top 5 Ways We Will Help You Build A Business}

  1. I am a FULL TIME Stampin’ Up Demonstrators! Which simply means its MY JOB to help you get your business started. {and just so we are clear – I LOVE THIS JOB}
  2. We have exclusive training in each area of your Stampin’ Up Business! Online or in person we have got you covered!
  3. We have inspiration so you will NEVER run out of ideas for workshop, classes or blog post!
  4. We have been RIGHT where you are at! We know how to build a business from the ground up with little to no money and we want to HELP you do this CRAZY LITTLE THING CALLED Stampin’ Up!
  5. Most importantly I am going to teach you how to HAVE FUN doing what you love!!!!! If you are not having fun there is really no point in having a business.

There are so many more benefits to having your Stampin’ Up Business! I am so excited to see you start your business and help you grow it! If you have any questions you can contact me through email HERE!

When you JOIN Stampin’ Up you are a Stampin’ Up Demonstrator and you will be placing your very own orders through the exclusive Stampin’ Up Website.

In order to remain active there is a QUARTERLY MINIMUM of $300.00.

The quarters are 3 months long! So basically you are responsible for either place an order of at least $100.00 each month OR getting customer orders each month that reach $1o0.00

Don’t worry! If for some reason you can’t meet this requirement the Stampin’ Up Police will not come to your house and throw you into a big red rubber room!!!! 

If you become inactive you can re-join at any time! I promise you its not as hard as it may seem to meet that $300.00 every 3 months!

Of course I think our team ROCKS! I thought  you might like to hear what some of our very own team members think about our amazing team!

Enjoy these Team Testimonies and please CLICK their name to visit their websites!

Stacy Williams 
I am a part of a group of great demonstrators. I love sharing ideas, getting tips and all questions I may have answered. No matter what my monthly sales are, I never feel less important or less equal than others who have top sales. There is no comparison.
We are all treated equally and respectfully. I love learning about others on a more personal level, to where they now are friends and family to me. The stories we share, the laughs we share, ideas, tips and everyday life. Did I mention prize patrols. Who doesn’t love free Stampin’ Up! goodies.
I am so happy I have landed here in this group. The first thing I do on Facebook is check our group and see what everyone is up to!

If you have any questions please feel free to contact at  HERE!

I am looking forward to you JOINING Stampin’ Up with me so I can get to know you better.

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