Welcome To Membership Community

Welcome To Membership Community

Hello and Welcome to Life Simply Documented my membership community. I’m so glad you are here.

I thought it would be nice for you to have a landing page once you have joined one of the membership options that I offer.

So many times I join something I’m totally excited about, and then I get overwhelmed, and I don’t know where to start, or what to do.

Here is my guide for you so that you don’t feel overwhelmed and lost.

I’ve dreamed of having this kind of community for years.

I love so many aspects of memory-keeping, and most of all I love helping others find systems, and ways to keep up with their own documenting adventures.

With that desire in mind, I wanted to create a space, and option that would work for everyone. Below you will find each of the levels of membership I offer and all the benefits to each.

You can cancel each level, or upgrade to another level at any time.

Welcome To Membership Community

Youtube Only Membership

There are two options to join on Youtube.

There is a $4.99 option which will allow you to SEE all membership vidoes I post, along with membership posts. Youtube will notifiy you when I upload a video or post a community note.

Once you join on YouTube you can see all past videos I have posted as well.

Click HERE to access the full playlist on YouTube.

A few other perks through YouTube include customer camera stickers next to your name that will change each month you remain a member.

Access to digital product I create such as my Life Lately Cards Series, and more!

Youtube + Facebook Membership

If you have joined the $7.99 option through YouTube that means you will have access to all video that I post, and all the perks that come along with level one.

You also have access to the exclusive Facebook Group. You can access the Facebook group HERE.

Welcome To Membership Community

It is worth noting that the Facebook Group has over 5 years of content loaded into it. You can scroll back through the group and find lots of content that is not posted on YouTube.

I also do fun live crafty hangouts, and I give away one of my pre-made layouts every month.

Facebook is also a great place to interact with each other and share what projects you are working. It is also the place where I can dive in and help you one on one with your memory-keeping needs.

Full Membership | Youtube, Facebook & Full WEbsite Access

Welcome To Membership Community

When you join through my main website Life Simply Documented you get access to everything.

Every membership video I post, the Facebook group, and every class, and course that I create.

Those are the three levels of membership that I offer and I’m so glad you have joined me. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out.