Autism Matter Memory Keeping Blog Hop


Hello, and welcome to our Autism Matters Memory Keeping Blog Hop. We are all excited to be sharing with you a Memory Keeping Project today to raise awareness for Autism.
With Autism being the third most common developmental disorder being diagnosed today, its critically important for us to become more aware of Autism in general, and how we can be supportive to friends, and family members dealing with this diagnosis everyday.


You can donate any amount the Autism Awareness Foundation. Lee Conrey has been a great encouragement in our efforts to become more aware, and raise money for this cause. You can visit the donation page HERE.
Our goal is to raise $5000.00 so each, and every dollar donated goes to help us meet that goal.
Lets get started with the blog hop line up.

Autism Blog Hop Line Up

  1. Janet Wakeland
  2. Katina Martinez <—— You Are Here
  3. Kylie Bertucci <——- Go Here Next
  4. Wendy Cranford
  5. Candy Rattray
  6. Selene Kempton
  7. Patty Chanal
  8. Michelle Irinyl

{Autism Matter Memory Keeping Blog Hop}

As many of you know we have a little girl is is was diagnosed  with Autism a little over a year ago. In the fall of 2015 she started Kindergarten. This was her very first experience in social situations where Mommy & Daddy were not with her.

I promise you this was much harder on me than it ever was on her. She is an amazing little girl! She has surprised us over, and over, and over again with how much she is able to do!


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  1. What a fantastic video! I love the way you layer the different sizes of page protectors in your album. I’ve just begun to do some of this type layering. Yours is fabulous, and I can’t wait to try some of your ideas myself!


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