Project Life 2024 – April

I don’t know why I was having a mini panic moment when it came to my Family Project Life Album but let me tell you… I was!

January and February were totally complete, and March was halfway complete.

Then May rolled around and I hadn’t done anything for April and that is when the panic set in.

Project Life 2024 - April

Most of the panic was from not really having a sense of where my album was at. Life had got busy and I hadn’t touched my album in weeks.

I know I have a system in place to stay current on any of the projects that I’m setting out to do. The first step in getting back on track is dropping in my photos from the past month.

As you can see I started with just dropping in photos for the month of April. I knew that I had taken a lot of photos and they all needed a spot to land.

This was the easiest thing to do to get me motivated, and moving in the right direction.

Project Life 2024 - April

I always start with the photos because this is the MOST important piece of your memory-keeping projects. Without photos, there is no memory-keeping project.

Because I had taken so many photos in the month of April I had several “insert” sections for April. Some months I have a lot of inserts, and other months I don’t have many.

There is no right or wrong amount you should, or shouldn’t have.

Project Life 2024 - April

It is also worth mentioning that this year I have been doing all my journaling for the month during the actual month.

This allows me to have the second most important piece of my album finished by the end of the month.

My next step will be to add all the fun embellishments.

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